Ramadan Diary Across Africa The Zimbabwe Chapter – Part 2

Ramadan Diary Across Africa The Zimbabwe Chapter – Part 2

By Mohammad Shakil Dauhoo

Case Study: Umar Amise

Umar Amise resides in Mbare, one of the largest slums in Harare, Zimbabwe. He shares a single room – used for cooking and sleeping – with his daughter. His pregnant wife passed away many years ago.

Umar does not know how old he is. He is bedridden and recently had to travel to Malawi for cataract surgery. He explained that due to the poor health services and the exorbitant cost of the procedure, it was cheaper to have the cataract surgery in Malawi.

Speaking to Islamic Relief, he explained that he does not receive any social grants from the government, leaving him and his daughter without any safety net.

We often go up to two days without eating…it is becoming difficult to send my daughter to the neighbours to ask for food.

Umar annually received a food hamper through the Islamic Relief Ramadan programme, but he is not sure whether he will benefit this year as he has not yet received his food coupon.

He said that the Islamic Relief food hamper was well balanced and nutritious and lasted the family more than a month.

Despite his challenges, he remains steadfast in his faith and optimistic. “The worry for food will not stop me from fasting, as long as I am alive.”

Islamic Relief needs your help to assist 600 families such as Umar’s who are living in abject poverty in Harare and the surrounding areas.

This Ramadan, sponsor a food hamper for a family in Zimbabwe at a cost of only R500. To donate, click here: https://www.islamic-relief.org.za/donate

Mohammad Shakil Dauhoo is the Programmes Manager at Islamic Relief South Africa. Email: Mohammad.Shakil@islamic-relief.org.za