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R1000 could feed a family for the month

R1800 could provide water for a displaced family living in a camp

R5500 could help provide a sustainable livelihood to an orphan and their family


What is Nisab?

The Zakat Nisab value is the minimum threshold required for an individual to be obligated to pay Zakat in that specific lunar year. Your total overall wealth must equal or exceed the Nisab value in order for you to be liable to pay Zakat.

The Nisab was set by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) at a rate equivalent to 87.48 grams of gold or 612.36 grams of silver. Originally, these values of silver and gold were equal but in recent times, they have become vastly different. The gold-based threshold being significantly higher than the silver-based threshold.

Nisab threshold as at 12 April 2021 / 29 Shaban, 1442 AH

Nisáb = R8 564.58
Silver = R13.99/ gram | (R435.02 / oz)
Gold  =  R945.11 / gram |(R29 396.94 / oz)

Calculations inclusive of VAT


How do I Calculate My Zakat?

If the net value of asset that have been in your possession for a full calendar year equals or exceeds the Nisab threshold, then you are obliged to pay Zakat on the total value of your assets. If you only have gold as an asset, then the Nisab measure for gold should be used. There is general consensus among scholars that if you have a mixture of assets, then using the silver measure for Nisab is safer and more beneficial for the recipients of Zakat.

Use our  Zakat Calculator to calculate your Zakat

Zakat: A sacred pillar

Zakat is not just a fundamental pillar of Islam. It is also a revolutionary concept with the potential to ease the suffering of millions around the world.


Allah (SWT) has enjoined Zakat upon us:

“And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good ye send forth for your souls before you, ye shall find it with Allah” (Qur’an 2:110)


Zakat is a right that the poor have over the wealth Allah has entrusted us with

“those in whose wealth there is a recognised right for the needy and the poor” (Qur’an 70:24-25)

Simply picture this: if just the top ten richest people in the world paid Zakat – a mere 2.5% of their wealth – that would amount to a staggering R134,64 billion! The power of that money in tackling poverty would be huge.


At Islamic Relief, we use your Zakat in the most effective way possible to relieve the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Your Zakat helps us to saves lives

Your Zakat has funded some of our crucial work with people and communities living in disaster and war zones: drought and famine-struck countries across East Africa; communities affected by conflict in Yemen; and families in war-torn Syria struggling to survive from one day to the next. Your Zakat has supported communities to build sustainable livelihoods in the face of climate change and to build better lives for orphans and vulnerable families across the globe.


Alhamdulillah! Last year alone, Zakat with Islamic Relief saved and changed the lives of over 1 million people.

Fulfill your Zakat with Islamic Relief today.

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