It’s been a heavy start to the year.

In the face of a pandemic, we’ve been reminded of our own fragility. As a human family, we have found ourselves leaning on one another and ensuring we work together for the sake of the collective.

With Ramadan close approaching with no sense of normalcy, we want to help you make the best of this special month. We’ve put together a list of resources and initiatives to help get your Ramadan Ready with us!

May these blessed days be a means for us to connect with our Lord and our community, and to share together in gratitude.

Spiritual Preparations Ways to increase good deeds and connection

Ramadan Action Plan
For the most blessed time of the year, a daily planner that helps you make the most of it. Download a digital copy now!

Phone Wallpapers
Beautiful designs, spiritual reminders and a phone background all in one. Save them and be inspired every time you look at your phone!

Prayer Times
Quick links to prayer times as well as Iftar times in your city!

Ramadan Duas
A full list of duas you can save for you and your family. Perfect for Ramadan or for reading every day, after prayers or even before bed.

My 10 Nights
Schedule in your donations for the last 10 days of Ramadan so you don’t have to worry about potentially missing out on the blessings of Laylatul Qadr!

Daily Live Recitations
Whether taraweeh prayers are cancelled or not, we want to bring the spirit of Ramadan into your homes. Join us for a Juz’ a day recited live after Isha prayer from reciters across the world.

Kids Kit
Colouring activities for the young ones!

Filled with free printables of exciting activities for all ages from crosswords to connect-the-dots, with an Islamic perspective!

Activity 1 – Wordsearch
Introduce important concepts through this fun activity. Have your kids search for keywords and phrases, and then discuss the importance of each.

Activity 2 – Crossword
This requires a bit of thinking, so it may be more suitable for older children. But definitely lots of fun to review terms and phrases.

Activity 3 –Arabic Alphabet Tracing
Help your children practice the Arabic alphabet by writing and tracing the letters. Let them use different colors and designs until practice makes perfect.

Activity 4 – Find and Colour the Words Listed Below
It’s not tricky but maybe let them colour it first before finding the pictures.

Activity 5 – Colour and Cut this Tile
Let your children show their artistic skills by colouring this tile. Afterwards, cut it for them and decorate their rooms. It would be fun to create different patterns and designs too!

Activity 6 – Dots n’ Boxes
Simple but competitive! Connect the dots one line at a time and whoever completes the box puts their initial in it. The winner is the one who collects the most boxes.

Activity 7 – Designer T
Allow your children to show their fantastic design skills on this t-shirt and then write a short description about it. Let their imaginations go wild!

Activity 8 – Hangman
Who doesn’t enjoy some old fashioned hangman? Invite your children to take turns guessing each word; the harder it is, the more points they get!

Activity 9 – Colour by Numbers
It’s a paint by numbers kinda deal – simple, fun and a great staple for their art “Wall of Fame”!

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