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April 2, 2020

As we focus on preventing the spread of Covid-19, we must do our utmost for those who are most vulnerable.

For people struggling to survive in the midst of conflict or those facing economic barriers, the risk of this disease is even higher and the consequences can be devastating.

International Response

Help us respond internationally to protect vulnerable communities, strengthen health systems with urgent supplies and support, and increase prevention and preparedness while we still can.

In Syria and Yemen, your support will provide urgent medical supplies, personal protection equipment (PPE), sanitizers, training for healthcare workers, and life-saving equipment. In Gaza, your support will help us provide reusable face shields to hospitals and healthcare workers, through 3D printing technology.

Our teams on the ground are focused on hygiene awareness and training, as well as distributing food and basic necessities to families in need while maintaining safety.

R130 can provide a protective face shield to a Doctor in Gaza

R650 can provide a PPE kit to healthcare workers in Yemen

R2000 can provide an ICU bed to a hospital in Syria

South Africa Response

Help us do our utmost here at home to protect and support those facing economic barriers and those at higher risk. Your support will help provide hygiene kits to shelters and vulnerable communities across South Africa.

Each hygiene kit includes hand soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and surface cleaner.

Send your support today to help us to strengthen our emergency response in vulnerable regions around the world, and to protect those who are at greater risk here at home.

R100 can provide a basic hygiene kit.

R400 can provide a family of 4 with a food pack for a month.

R1500 can provide a vulnerable family with financial aid.

Help us make a difference in their life. Everything counts.

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