Islamic Relief (IR) CEO Naser Haghamed attended an NGO conference that sought out assistance to help rebuild Iraq. The Conference of NGOs to Support the Humanitarian Situation in Iraq was hosted by the International Islamic Charitable Organisation (IICO) in Kuwait City, Kuwait. It was attended by 70 humanitarian organisations including 30 regional and international agencies.

The conference was hosted at the request of the Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. Over $330 million was pledged at the event, IR has pledged $4 million. Over the last few years, IR has implemented over $30 million worth of projects all over Iraq.

Naser informed the attendees that it is now safe to work in parts of Iraq that were previously inaccessible, but more work needed to be done. He was able to witness the scale of the crisis first had during his seven-day visits to Iraq last month.

The Secretary-General of the Iraqi Parliament along with other politicians and bureaucrats were on a committee to assist NGOs with speedy local registration, facilitating visa entries, and helping move humanitarian goods through customs quicker.

Islamic Relief has been working to rebuild Iraq for over 30 years now, 99% of our staff come from the communities we work, so we have in-depth knowledge of the realities on the ground. Our teams on the ground are providing food, clothing, shelter, water and sanitation, blankets and other essential items, as well as health care, education and vocational training to communities.

The catastrophes of war still affect the people of Iraq and further help is required to reach those in need.

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