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June 4, 2021

Pieces 4 Palestine

Together we will Rebuild Gaza Piece by Piece

The past few weeks have been a distressing time for the Ummah at large. Our brothers and sisters in Palestine have experienced the worst military assault in years, which saw at least 248 Palestinians, including 66 children, killed in Israeli air attacks, and 91,000 Palestinians have lost their homes.

This latest escalation in conflict in Gaza came after more than 15 long, hard years of blockade. Many households depend on organizations like Islamic Relief to assist them with food and other basic necessities. This has worsened the existing humanitarian crisis here. The relentless, devastating bombing from sea, land, and air also is badly damaged the electricity and water networks. The damage of the sewage networks triggers an alarm about another looming health crisis. The health services are already close to collapsing after years of blockade and the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Pieces 4 Palestine campaign

The Pieces 4 Palestine campaign allows our vibrant South African community to come together and pledge our support for people of Palestine. You can help ease their struggle as they pick up the pieces and attempt to resume daily life with challenges they are facing.

Partners of the Pieces 4 Palestine campaign are utilizing their skills to raise funds to assist Islamic Relief in providing emergency and long-term support for the people of Palestine. We also call on the South African community to support the efforts of the partners of the project! Keep an eye out for businesses using the Pieces 4 Palestine logo and be at ease knowing that your support will aid the people of Palestine through Islamic Relief!

Long after the cameras have left, we hope that South Africans will stand with Islamic Relief. We hope that South Africans will help to provide sustainable intervention for the people of Gaza.

Islamic Relief is in Gaza since 1997 and has responded to every major crisis while carrying out sustainable development projects and supporting orphans, vulnerable children, and widows in the Gaza Strip. We have implemented projects such as water desalination plants, supplying the Ministry of Health with medical assistance, Ramadan, and Qurbani distributions. We also help in creating employment opportunities for graduates and extending psychosocial support to traumatized children.


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