Discover the secrets of Al-Aqsa during the national tour of this awe-inspiring documentary, set against the backdrop of the holiest night in the Islamic calendar – Laylatul Qadr.

One Night in Al-Aqsa gives a breathtaking insight into one of the holiest, yet most mysterious sites in all of Islam. Al-Aqsa is a place of miracles, an incredible site that has aided in defining Islam as the religion it is today.

The documentary allows the viewer to experience the magnificence of Al Aqsa, as told through the eyes of the people who live and work there. The spectacular story gives us access to view the sacred sites that make up Al Aqsa and highlights the work of the important institutions that work tirelessly to maintain and preserve Al Aqsa.


From the award winning director of One Day in The Haram And the Oscar nominated executive of The Look of Silence Comes a new vision, Abrar Hussain offers a unique look at both the spiritual history, and the modern day workings, of this most significant Islamic institution.


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The conflict in May 2021 setback any progress made by Palestinians in Gaza as they contend with the effects of the occupation and 15 year blockade

The latest escalation of violence has killed 253 Palestinians. Among the dead are 66 children, 39 women, and 17 older people.Almost 2,000 more have been injured and others are missing.

To make matters worse, 28 health care facilities were damaged in the conflict, and many are unable to seek the medical aid they desperately need. Damaged infrastructure caused by the bombing has also seen thousands of homes destroyed and has left many families homeless.

Islamic Relief is on the ground providing emergency and long-term assistance to bring ease to those who have lost considerably during the recent attacks on Gaza. This support includes distributing food hampers, distributing living essentials, repairing damaged homes, as well as fixing healthcare facilities and schools, and providing them with the equipment they need to run smoothly.

We will also be supporting special education centers and providing psychosocial support to affected families. Our plans also include supporting the repair of water systems so that homes have easy access to water.

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Join us for an exclusive screening of One Night in Al Aqsa and uncover the mysteries of the Al-Aqsa compound, one of the holiest and most-beloved sites in the world.

This fundraising event will feature a presentation of Islamic Relief’s work in Palestine.

All the proceeds from this event is to fund Islamic Relief projects in Gaza.

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