Thursday January 23, 2014

“New ideas needed at Davos” say Islamic Relief and others

As Islamic Relief participates in the World Economic Forum being held at Davos this week, we have joined a call for new ideas to tackle the critical issues faced by the world.

In an open letter to political and business leaders at the gathering, leading civil society organisations – including Islamic Relief – push for discussions to focus on a set of globally important issues.

An end to conflict and violence

Coinciding with the day that vital Geneva peace talks on Syria’s conflict begin, the organisations call for action to secure a safer world. The letter also draws attention to crises in South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Afghanistan, and calls for solutions that prevent future outbreaks of conflict and violence.

Picking up the pace on development and tackling inequality

Also, as the deadline for the Millennium Goals draws ever-closer, the joint letter urges world leaders to add their weight in pushing the pace of development – and in setting ambitious goals for the future.

The World Economic Forum has highlighted inequality as a fundamental obstacle to sustained economic growth. With half of the world’s wealth going to the richest one per cent, leaders at the Davos are encouraged to place tackling inequality at the heart of future development efforts.

Bold action on climate change and opportunities for young people

Climate change is seen as another huge, global issue. Leaders at Davos – particularly in the private sector – are pressed to commit to thinking in bold terms to ensure that any new climate partnerships drive action and have world governments at their heart.

The letter also calls for investment in creating real opportunities for young people, and action to protect them from violence and gender discrimination so that they can achieve their full potential.

Civil society organisations have underlined their commitment to working with responsible government and responsible businesses in developing new ideas as the world tackles poverty and suffering. Other signatories to the letter are Save the Children International, Oxfam, Civicus, BRAC, Plan International, and Greenpeace.

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