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October 2, 2019

Heavy monsoon rains in North – North East India have reportedly claimed nearly 150 lives:  35 were killed in Bihar and a further 111 in Uttar Pradesh. 

State government has initiated relief camps in all affected districts and deployed teams for search and rescue after torrential rains have left a further 3.5 million stranded.

OFFER-IR are monitoring the situation closely and coordinating with all humanitarian organisations at national, state and district level, and local and national government. Once the extent of the situation becomes clearer, possible intervention areas can be designed.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said the current monsoon has been the heaviest since 1994, classifying it as “above normal”, with this year’s season being longer than usual.

The annual monsoon season usually lasts from June to September, but late heavy rains have continued to lash several parts of the country this year, wreaking havoc. The current monsoon season, which began with a delayed onset and a 33 percent rain deficit in June, is expected to last several more days.

Islamic Relief is coordinating with all humanitarian organisations and disaster management authorities in the region, carrying-out search and rescue operations in the affected areas.

The immediate and short-term needs in the region include drinking water, hygiene kits, non-food Items and livelihood support.

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