Thursday October 6, 2016

Moeen Ali’s personal plea for Yemen

In a new video, one of the biggest stars of the England cricket team has spoken from the heart about the tragic situation in war-torn Yemen.

Moeen Ali says: “The work Islamic Relief is doing on the ground in Yemen is phenomenal but we must dig deep and do more because millions of lives are at stake. I made this video with Islamic Relief because people really need to know what’s going on.”

Please watch our new short video, featuring Moeen Ali, to get a sense of the heart-breaking reality people are facing. Moeen wants us all to help the people of Yemen before it’s too late:

Imagine being a parent in Yemen, weakened by hunger and powerless to save your dying children. Imagine your cries of anguish falling on deaf ears, your hopes for the future crushed. This is the harsh reality facing so many.

By donating just £62, you can feed a family for a whole month. Please donate now and save lives, through our Yemen Emergency Appeal to help those in desperate need.

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