“When a believer passes away, his good deeds will cease except for three: perpetual charity, beneficial knowledge, and a virtuous child who prays for him.”

Since opening doors in South Africa in 2003, Islamic Relief has implemented sustainable development initiatives that empower the lives of our beneficiaries; endeavouring to be the relief agency of choice and change.

In March 2018, we have begun rolling out a new project that will see Islamic Relief-branded gazebos in cemeteries.

According to Head of Fund Development and Communications, Rezaa Kasu, the initiative is rather unique for the NGO but it would provide cover from the inclement and extreme weather for the bereaved.

“We are humbled that we could provide this comfortable space in cemeteries for people who have lost their loved ones. In the case of Muslim burials which occur timeously, the gazebos will serve as a cover over the grave in the rain and heat.”

“The family of the deceased can take comfort in the fact that the burial can take place with dignity as the grave site will be covered, with no inconvenience caused to the burial rites.”

This project has been endowed to the community. To share in the rewards of Sadaqatul Jariyah, you can donate towards this Maqbara initiative.