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January 31, 2020

Zaid has a beautiful smile and looks filled with hope as he talks about his dreams. Because of your support, Zaid can live a dignified life once again.


Thanks to your ongoing support we are able to assist many children like Zaid in Syria with our humanitarian aid.

We have been  to areas in Syria where very few other charity organisations can reach, and have helped those who need us the most.  You have enabled us to  provide humanitarian aid worth R6 billion in Syria since 2011.

Zaid’s story:

I dream of becoming a doctor, to make artificial limbs and provide them to children who were wounded in this war,” he says. Zaid, his parents and young brothers used to live in Damascus, but at the start of the crisis they moved to a village near Idlib. A few weeks later, war planes began shelling the village. “We used to flee to the fields during the shelling and spend the night under olive trees,” recalls Zaid. “I was six years old when the warplane targeted our house with an explosive missile.” Zaid remembers the moment the rocket landed and exploded just metres away from him. A fragment of the rocket killed his mother and injured Zaid’s right foot. His five-year-old brother Mohammed died instantly, and his sister escaped. Zaid was evacuated to the nearest hospital for treatment, and was then relocated to Assalam camp, near the city of Atma, northern Syria. “I started to go to the camp school using the crutch, until I was given an artificial foot”, says Zaid. “I started to walk, so I felt like it had become a part of my body. I am now in fourth grade. “I run and walk. I love it so much I cannot live without it. I love football a lot. I wish all the injured children of the camp have these artificial parts to help them move in order that they do not feel inferior to the rest of the children. I hope that this war will end so we can return to our village and we can live safely and peacefully.

Your donation has helped save the life of Zaid, and many more like him.  It is because of you, he has hope for a brighter future, and one day insha’Allah others will benefit from his dreams

Continue to support our humanitarian work, so that we can save lives together.

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