Friday June 24, 2016

Live TV appeal to rebuild lives in Gaza

Islamic Relief’s latest Ramadan live appeal on the Islam Channel (June 24 – Sky 806 from 9.30pm) is supporting some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in Gaza – including orphans, widows and traumatised children.

Our aim is to raise funds to rebuild and refurbish homes; provide solar panels for a centre for severely disabled children; and find a generous major donor to provide the £300,000 needed to keep open a  vital centre that a thousand orphans call home.

Conflict and blockade have contributed significantly to a vicious cycle of poverty in Gaza. Unemployment levels are among the highest in the world, and the prospects for young people are bleak. High levels of poverty mean families are unable to secure adequate food, shelter, safe drinking water and clothing.

Islamic Relief is the biggest international aid agency operating in Gaza. We believe all families should be able to live in dignity in decent homes. We also believe the children of Gaza have a right to protection against abuse and exploitation, together with the opportunity to fulfil their potential. That’s why we’re launching a dedicated live appeal for Gaza on the Islam Channel this Ramadan.

The live appeal, taking place on Sky 806 from 9.30pm, will raise funds to:

  • Keep open a dedicated children’s shelter that is threatened with closure for lack of funds. A thousand orphans rely on it for healthy meals, clothing, basic primary healthcare, psychosocial support, education and recreational activities. Total running costs are £300,000 a year
  • Provide orphans and vulnerable children with homes where they can live in dignity by rebuilding and refurbishing houses – at a cost of £5,500 per home, or £1,100 for a room, £300 for a roof, £150 for a water tank
  • Instal solar panels to provide clean, climate-friendly energy 24/7 to a centre for children with disabilities

Please make sure you tune in to Islam Channel from 9:35pm on Friday 24 June. Only with your support can we continue to transform the lives of those living in desperate circumstances in Gaza.

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