Beirut, Lebanon: 150+ killed and thousands injured after huge explosion

At least 158 people have been killed and 6,000 more injured in a huge explosion in Beirut, Lebanon according to latest reports.

Footage shared on social media showed the moment a building several storeys high exploded, sending an enormous shockwave across the city that shattered windows, shook buildings and destroyed homes. An estimated 300,000 people have been left homeless.


The explosion and shockwaves were reportedly heard and felt as far away as Cyprus – more than 200km away.

The destruction of Beirut’s port will devastate the country further as it relies heavily on imports for its essential supplies.

Lebanon, a country already on it’s knees

“Islamic Relief has already started its response – we are looking at providing drinking water and food for people who have lost their homes. In a few days, we will also start helping to clear the streets of the debris caused by the blast, providing people currently out of work with cash to help out. Longer-term we will need to continue providing food parcels, as the seaport has been destroyed, meaning food imports will be significantly reduced to a country that is already on its knees.”

Nidal Ali, Islamic Relief Lebanon Country Director

Lebanon Emergency: Hospitals in Beirut are overrun with wounded people

Lebanon’s economy was already on the brink of collapse from the effects of the ongoing financial crisis and the strain of the coronavirus lockdown. Hospitals in Beirut are now overrun with wounded people, with some being referred to Tripoli, 50 miles to the north of Beirut, for treatment.


The destruction of Beirut’s port will devastate the country further as it relies heavily on imports for its essential supplies.

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Islamic Relief teams are on the ground in Lebanon

Having carried out a thorough needs assessment, Islamic Relief teams in Beirut, Lebanon have identified food, water and shelter as the most urgent needs.


The initial humanitarian response will focus on distributing ready-to-eat cooked meals, Covid-19 hygiene kits and supporting people in urgent need of medical assistance, who are currently sheltering in communal buildings such as schools, Mosques and Churches.


Our teams have begun distributing meal packs to hospital patients and front-line medical workers, treating those who were wounded by the explosion.


lebanon emergency appeal donate to lebanon beirut


We are also helping to clear debris in affected communities and public spaces and have deployed electrical engineers to secure dangerous hanging electrical cables, to make it safe for people to enter their homes and buildings.


Your donations will fund an immediate emergency response and wider long-term rehabilitation.

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