On behalf of the Chairman, Director and Trustees of the 2 Oceans Education Foundation and The Leadership Colleges, we wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the Islamic Relief family for their unwavering support through the development of our learners.


  • The Manenberg catchment area consists out of 4 High/Secondary schools.
  • In the entire Manenberg area 71 subject distinctions were produced of which 68 came from The Leadership College
  • As indicated above, TLC again produced a student who obtained 7 Distinctions and one student with 6 Distinctions.
  • The average 2016 Matric pass rate in Manenberg was 71%; TLC obtained a 92 % pass rate in their school!
  • The combined Bachelors Pass percentage for the Manenberg schools is 12% and TLC obtained a 62% Bachelors pass.
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