“It is a real struggle to put food on the table”

In a country ravaged by years of war, resources are already very scarce and falling temperatures will do little to help the already dire situation.

In the mountainous province of Bamyan, lives Oasim Ali who is 59 years of age and a father to three daughters and one son. Oasim is blind, disabled and unable to work, but his wife and daughter carry out some hand craft activities to earn a small income.

“It is a real struggle to put food on the table”

The long and harsh winter ahead worries Oasim, who tells us,

“Providing food and medical help for my family is a real challenge for me. I visit the local clinic to receive much needed healthcare but it has very limited facilities. Recently one of my family members became sick but I had no money to pay for her treatment. I had to borrow 5,000 AFN from my neighbours to get a vehicle to take her to a doctor.

“Our diet is very basic, consisting of tea, bread, rice, legumes and some vegetables. I cannot afford chicken, meat or fruit. For lunch we always have bread with tea and for dinner we cook vegetables and eat left overs for breakfast. It is a real struggle to put food on the table and I usually have to borrow money from my neighbours to feed my family. Winter is now here and we don’t have any provisions to help keep us warm.”

Love is…a hot meal for a hungry child

Life without food, shelter, fuel and healthcare is difficult for many of us to imagine – especially in winter when such necessities are vital for survival. However, this is the sad reality for thousands of people living in Afghanistan. For those who are struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis like Oasim, even a small amount of assistance can be a lifeline. He told us,

“The food packet I received from Islamic Relief was enough for around 45 days, giving me time to return the money I borrowed. It has also provided me with the opportunity to save some of the money I received from the government for treatment of my disability, so that I am able to actually use this to visit the hospital rather than spend it on food.”

Oasim is very grateful for the support he has received from Islamic Relief and now needs fire-wood, heaters and more food parcels to see him and his family through the harsh winter months. Such items are relatively low cost yet can mean the difference between life and death for vulnerable people living in poverty.

So this winter – send your love to those in need by providing simple yet lifesaving winterisation items such as food parcels, blankets, warm clothes and fuel. Your support will enable us to reach the thousands of people living in countries where winter is yet another enemy to survival.

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