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September 3, 2019

For the third year running Islamic Relief Worldwide has been awarded the Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS) certification which recognizes the quality of our aid programs.

The accreditation came after a rigorous annual audit that showed the high level of accountability we have to the communities we serve and how we are constantly improving our aid delivery.

“Islamic Relief was the first Muslim charity to receive CHS certification and I am delighted that we have maintained it for the third year,” said Affan Cheema, Head of Programme Quality at Islamic Relief Worldwide.

“It’s all about ensuring the people we support receive a better service and the donations we receive go a long way because we work efficiently,” he added.

“Excellence is one of the core values of Islamic Relief and the CHS helps us drive that quality commitment and responsibility.”

Improving the quality of our programs

One of the key areas Islamic Relief has improved this year has been our complaints mechanism. This allows those we assist to tell us how we did and how we can do it better. With a complaints mechanism that captures these voices, our humanitarian response is more effective and accountable.

To achieve this year’s accreditation, Islamic Relief’s programs in Indonesia and Sri Lanka were reviewed by the Humanitarian Quality Assurance Initiative (HQAI), in addition to checks conducted on our headquarters in the UK.

The HQAI also recognized Islamic Relief’s new quality and accountability framework called IHSAN, which integrates the various internal and external standards that guide our work including CHS, Accountable Now, the Code of Conduct of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Humanitarian Inclusion Standards, Results-based Management, and PMD Pro.

Being accountable to those we serve


In its report, HQAI stated that Islamic Relief Worldwide has “continued to perform very well against the CHS standard” and that it has undertaken “strong context analysis, recognises and addresses constraints, builds resilience of communities and takes environmental responsibilities seriously.”

Islamic Relief remains committed to continual improvement to ensure the communities we work with are included and empowered in every aspect of our programming. This ensures we regularly review our approaches to providing value for money in our global operations and apply the highest standards of accountability

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