Wednesday April 1, 2020

With the number of coronavirus cases increasing exponentially throughout the world – now exceeding 750,000 – Islamic Relief has launched a global emergency response to the pandemic.

There are now very few areas of the globe untouched by the perilous virus.

The level of infection and death caused by COVID-19 is at varying stages in different regions of the world. We are working hard to provide preparation and response operations tailored to the challenges being experienced by different communities.

Islamic Relief’s history and expertise in working across a wide range of humanitarian contexts, building relationships with the communities we serve, means we can operate in challenging places – including parts of the world that other organisations cannot access.

It means we’re strongly placed to support vulnerable communities, reducing their risk of contracting coronavirus and helping them deal with the effects of the outbreak.

Response priorities

Our response focuses on:

  • Working with communities to promote good hygiene practices and equip them with the information they need to halt the spread of the virus
  • Supporting and strengthening healthcare services
  • Making sure the long-term impacts of the crisis are addressed from the outset.

We’re distributing hygiene items, masks, gloves and medical equipment to healthcare workers. We’re providing particularly vulnerable families with immediate financial support through emergency food security interventions and cash transfers.

We aim to respond in every country in which we have a field office or long-term partner office.


Key highlights from across the globe

In Afghanistan, we’re working closely with the Department of Public Health to support the health infrastructure in Herat, which borders Iran. We‘re providing personal protective equipment, supporting referrals for serious cases, and equipping communities with urgently needed information about the virus.

In Pakistan we’re finalising an agreement to support national authorities with personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks and other medical equipment in the coming days.

The Islamic Relief Syria team have already started COVID-19 response activities using hygiene items we had available already in northeast Syria.

Islamic Relief Yemen have given meals and hygiene kits to 269 people who were taken to quarantine centres in Dhammar. We have also provided hand sanitising facilities at all our distribution points to maintain good hygiene and the safety of both staff and the people we serve.

Islamic Relief is nothing short of a lifeline for many of the most vulnerable families facing this global crisis.

But with conditions deteriorating daily as a result of the pandemic, we are in urgent need of support to continue our essential work.

Now, more than ever, we need your help so we can be there for those who need us. Your doantion could save a live.
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