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February 24, 2020

Irtiqa Magazine hosts a charity cook off in aid of our Orphans and Vulnerable children.


Irtiqa magazine will be hosting a cook off , and all proceeds raised during this cook off will go towards our Orphans and Vulnerable children campaign. The contest will be open to teams of two, one adult and one child.

The Irtiqa Charity Cook-off 2020 has three main objectives: -To create social cohesion, a sense of community and an awareness around socio-economic inequality through cooking for a cause -To raise awareness around the plight of those less fortunate in an impactful and meaningful way -To encourage children who ‘have’ to come together with an aim to make a change in the lives of children who ‘have not’.

ll entry fees and donations received throughout the 5 week competition will go to Islamic Relief.

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