Indonesia Tsunami – Nur Aisyah Ramadhani’s Story

Indonesia Tsunami – Nur Aisyah Ramadhani’s Story

Her name is Nur Aisyah Ramadhani, aged 6. Among the four children in her family, she is the third born.

She used to go to Anatapura Kindergarten in Lolu Village, Sigi Biromaru Subdistrict, Sigi Regency. The school was badly damaged immediately following the big earthquake several weeks ago.

Aisyah and her family have joined the other survivors at a camp shelter. Her mother participates with a group of women who, financially supported by Islamic Relief, organise the cooking of children’s supplementary nutritious food, which is to be served at the child-friendly space (CFS) and a number of camps. Nur’s father, a farmer, has not been able to continue working at his land as it is quite in disarray, having been affected by the quake.

Aisyah is very enthusiastic in coming to the CFS, which is run by Islamic Relief. A courteous and very sociable person, she gets present everyday. She likes drawing colourful pictures, and also singing.

Before moving to Sigi, Aisyah’s family had lived in Poso Regency. In 2000, when Poso got insecure due to ethnic clashes, they came to Lolu. Unfortunately, the earthquake devastated their present home area, and forced them to stay at the camp shelter then.

Aisyah is hoping that she will be able to go to school again, and play with her friends like they used to. When asked about earthquake, she expressed her fearfulness, and that she does not want her and her family to ever experience another.

Furthermore, for the future, the family are wishing of a safe and enjoyable living with Alah’s protection.