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January 15, 2021


“I have lived with loss several times in my life. My dad passed away and I lost my sight when I was young. But I never lost my resolve or let my disability prevent me from developing myself or my community.”

Mohammad, aged 17, is an orphan from Gaza sponsored by Islamic Relief.

“I don’t ask others for help if I can do something myself. Every morning I make my own food and prepare for school like my sisters and brothers. When I want to hail a taxi, I also try several times before asking someone to assist. Once a week I play football.

“Thank Allah, I am one of the top students at my school and I get the highest grades. I adore the Arabic language and that encourages me to write. Recently I got first class in a story-writing and poetry competition at the Gaza governorate level.

Islamic Relief began sponsoring Mohammad after the death of his father. Our assistance covers Mohammad’s basic needs, transportation, and also education costs.

Together we can help children like Mohammad overcome their challenges and give them hope and ease they need.

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