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January 15, 2021


“It was three years ago that my husband passed away at work. I could not believe it. I have five young children and no source of income. The economic situation in Gaza is so difficult that no-one could help us. Our relatives can hardly provide for their own families. I was frustrated, penniless and depressed.

Um Fathi’s children are sponsored by Islamic Relief, which means she can take care of their needs and send them to school.

“Since Islamic Relief has been sponsoring my children, thank Allah, I can take better care of them. We are completely reliant on the sponsorship. You cannot imagine my children’s happiness the day we receive sponsorship funds. I go to the supermarket and, without going into debt, buy the food we need and then cook their favourite meals.”

The funds also pay for their school uniform, stationery and transport. Education is so important to the family and the children are all excellent students.

“This month I bought a battery to install alternative lighting in our home as we only get eight hours of electricity in Gaza. It means we no longer have to struggle in the dark and the children can study. Islamic Relief has illuminated not just our house but also our souls. Thank Allah for all the good people who support those in need. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without Islamic Relief’s support.”

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