Monday February 6, 2023

Winter in Gaza

The situation in Gaza is unbearable, with recurring conflict, occupation, and a 16-year air, sea, and land blockade causing deep poverty and suffering. The harsh winter season exacerbates every difficulty, particularly for displaced people or those living in inadequate housing. The Gaza Strip has been under Israeli blockade for many years, combined with political instability, economic sanctions, and limited access to resources, resulting in poor infrastructure and a lack of fundamental rights such as adequate shelter, electricity, clean water, food, and healthcare, making the winter months even more challenging.

Who is Yasser Al Shami, and what is his living condition?

Yasser Al Shami, the beneficiary, is a 48-year-old father who lives with his wife and five children in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, Palestine. Yasser is unemployed due to a chronic heart condition and has no means of income, solely relying on social services and humanitarian organizations for support. His family faces ongoing challenges to meet their daily needs, which is a constant challenge while living in a dilapidated house not conducive for any person or family to live in. “It was hard to live in my house. It had no windows or doors, and we were afraid to move around in the house due to the ceiling falling on us. The house was full of cracks, forcing us to suffer from the extreme cold weather in winter. When it rained, the house would flood. During this time, I would spend the night moving between my children, traumatically trying to keep them warm”. The aftermath of living in this circumstance caused his children to suffer severe health conditions with a low immune system and no healthcare to support their needs. The winter months bring harsh challenges to Yasser and his family, with no way for them to cope with these challenges. He mentions that he is tired of seeing his children suffer like this and feels sad about their circumstances.

Islamic Relief Palestine- Gaza office have been distributing emergency aid, such as blankets and mattresses to people affected by the winter storm in Gaza. 27/1/20222


How has Islamic Relief’s winter appeal supported Yasser Al Shami and his family?

Despite winter lasting one season, Islamic Relief works year-round to build programming that helps vulnerable people cope with the harsh winter weather. We support and provide warm clothing, food, and shelter to those struggling to survive the winter season. The funds raised through the winter appeal will support Islamic Relief’s ongoing humanitarian work and response to winter emergencies.

Islamic Relief assessed Yasser Al Shami’s circumstances and supported him and his family, who benefitted from the winter appeal, which drastically improved the situation that they faced during the previous winter months. “Previously, my house was 20% habitable, but now, after Islamic Relief intervened, it is 50% better than before.” A happy and optimistic Yasser thanks God for his blessings and thanks Islamic Relief for the support. He was able to buy essentials to fix his home and buy mattresses and blankets for his children, which will make them sleep comfortably during the cold and wet winter months. “I am grateful, and I thank God. Islamic Relief installed windows and doors, tiled the floor, and repaired the cracked walls. I am optimistic that this house will not sink this winter, InshaAllah. My children will sleep peacefully, not thinking about drowning when it rains. Alhamdulillah, several repairs were done to our house, which will ease our life this winter better than before.”

We pray that the support given to Yasser Al Shami will benefit him and his family and give them the safety and security needed to live through the winter months with dignity.

You can make a difference this winter and ensure that families are well-fed, clothed and warm during winter in Gaza. Donate now and save lives.

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