Unprecedented numbers of people are making dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean to reach the countries of the European Union.
More refugees and migrants arrived in Greece last month than during the whole of 2014.
In July, 50,242 people, mostly fleeing the conflict in Syria, arrived in Greece, compared to 43,500 for the whole of last year. Between 1st January and 14th August 2015, 158, 456 people arrived in Greece via the sea. During the same period, 1,716 refugees entered Greece through its land border with Turkey.
Most of the refugees are fleeing from Syria, followed by Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia.
Greece’s volatile economic situation, combined with the increasing numbers of new arrivals, is putting severe strain on small island communities, which lack the basic infrastructure and services to adequately respond to the growing humanitarian needs.
Islamic Relief’s recently sent a team to conduct a needs assessment of refugees. Our planned intervention includes providing refugees with non-food items and cultural mediation to help ensure that new arrivals are aware of facilities available to them.

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