Position Identification

Position Title:  Procurement & Compliance Officer
Location:   Cape Town, Head Office
Contract:   6 months fixed term, with a view to permanent
Salary: R15,000.00 per month

A procurement officer plays an integral role in any organization. Execution of the role ensures
that the organization makes sound decisions around the purchases of goods and procurement
of services required to service the needs of the organization. The procurement and
compliance officer is also responsible in overseeing the compliance of all relevant policies,
laws and regulations. Working as a procurement and compliance officer comes with several
ancillary duties that are integral to the organization’s success and upholding the good standing
of the organization.

Purpose of Position

  • To co-ordinate purchasing practices and maximise savings and benefits available to the
    organisation during purchasing activities.
  • To strengthen the procurement processes by actively engaging with the relevant networks,
    vendors and suppliers and applicable stakeholders.
  • Contributing to developing and maintaining procurement and organisational guidelines, policies and
    procedures with a view to standardising processes nationally and to assist in decision making to
    maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation.
  • To apply and adopt, and adapt where necessary, Islamic Relief Worldwide’s policies into a strategy
    customised for application within the IRSA context.
  • To offer administrative support as required within the scope of employment for the Finance and
    Support Services department.
  • To monitor specific processes by way of reconciliation in order to uphold due diligence practice and
    ensure there is due supervision, accountability and transparency in the organisations processes.

Skills & Knowledge Required

  • Knowledge of procurement functions and business concepts.
  • Written and spoken command of regional languages advantageous.
  • Good interpersonal skills including the ability to listen, sensitivity to others’ views and
    perspectives, and conflict resolution.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Excellent written and spoken English and Afrikaans.

Educational Qualification:

  • Matric qualification or higher
  • Excellent operational knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Excellent administrative skills.
  • Degree or diploma level in finance or business level study field.
  • Basic legal administration skills.

Key Islamic Relief Qualities Required

  • It is essential that the post holder shows a good understanding and sympathy with Islamic
    values and principles as well as commitment to IR’s vision and mission as per below:

    Our actions in tackling poverty are marked by excellence in our
operations and conduct which are deserving of the people we serve.
    In responding to poverty and suffering our efforts are driven by
sincerity to God and the need to fulfil our obligations to humanity
    Our work is founded on enabling people and institutions to fulfil the rights of the poor and vulnerable. We work to empower the dispossessed towards realising their God-given human potential and developing their capabilities and resources.
    We believe the protection and well-being of every life is of
paramount importance and we shall join with other humanitarian actors to act as one
in responding to suffering brought on by disasters, poverty and injustice.
    We uphold our duty of custodianship over the earth, its resources and the trust
people place in us as humanitarian and development practitioners to be transparent and accountable.

Closing date:   04 Feb 2021

Please forward a copy of the completed application form IRSA EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION FORM (3), 1 page
motivational letter and your CV along with a certified copy of your ID to recruitment@islamic-relief.org.za before the 04 Feb 2021.

Dearest applicant, kindly consider the following:

If the requirements of the application as above, is not met, we will consider the application as incomplete and this will therefore not be accepted.

Please consider your application as unsuccessful if you are not contacted within a month after the closing date.

Over and above operational requirements Islamic Relief South Africa will take into account the country’s and organisational employment equity imperatives.

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