Monday May 7, 2018

In Somalia, the flooding has already affected 700,000 people in Beletwenye, Hiiran, Hirshabelle, Baidoa, Lower Shabelle and South West State. The Somali Government has declared a national emergency and a growing humanitarian crisis is developing. In Kenya, the flooding has also affected 211,000 people in North East Region, Coastal Region, Rift Valley, Nyanza, and large urban areas, with a hundred deaths reported. In Ethiopia, 165,000 are affected by flash floods in the Somali region. Key infrastructure such as roads and airports have been damaged or destroyed in all three countries.

Photo: Families from Beletweyne District, Somalia, trying to save their belongings as their houses are completely inundated by floods

As rains show no sign of slowing down, our teams in East Africa; Somalia and Kenya have already undertaken rapid assessments and are coordinating with the UN and other INGOs. Families are in greatest need of food, safe water and sanitation (WASH) support, shelter, and non-food items, including protection from the devastating weather and the spread of diseases.

We are responding directly to these pressing needs. In Somalia, food packs are ready to be distributed in Beletwenye, Hiiran, Hirshabelle. We are also providing aid in Kenya where food packs are making their way to Kilifi and Garissa as a first step. In Ethiopia, cash grants and WASH activities are being planned. We are there on the ground and acting swiftly and effectively to serve as many affected families as possible.

For more information and to donate to our East Africa Crisis Appeal, click here.

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