Donor Report 2017

Dear Humanitarian,

It gives me great pleasure to present to you a summary of the emergency relief and development projects implemented by Islamic Relief South Africa for the year 2017.

The past year has been one of great difficulty and sadness for many people living across the globe; from conflict zones like Syria, Myanmar and Yemen to the drought and famine devastated villages of East Africa – even in overlooked and neglected communities in South Africa and our neighbouring countries.

 It has also been a year of hope and renewal in the same communities and around the world. In these places and more, you have worked with Islamic Relief South Africa to relieve suffering and help rebuild lives.

In Syria, we delivered life-saving medical supplies and also provided refugee families with essential items to brave the harsh winter.

 In Yemen, we responded to the current Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD)/cholera outbreak.

We have also extended our work beyond South Africa’s borders. Islamic Relief now runs fully-fledged Ramadan and Qurbani seasonal programmes in Lesotho and Zimbabwe and is exploring other avenues of intervention to support vulnerable families.

Locally, we continue to serve the needs of orphans and vulnerable children. In Kwa-Zulu Natal,  we are in the process of rolling out 18 boreholes to bring relief to communities who do not have access to clean, safe water sources.

Thank you for working with us. May Allah (SWT) reward you for caring for our sisters and brothers in humanity.


Yusuf Mohamed

Chief Executive Officer

Islamic Relief South Africa   

Download: Donor Report 2017