Monday June 6, 2022

The outcome of Islamic Relief’s humanitarian work speaks for itself. Those we have assisted are our ambassadors and truly make every bit of work we do worth it. This is evident from the experience of Dennis Salije who in his words is so “humbled and grateful” for the scholarship provided to him by @islamicreliefsa as he is now the FIRST graduate in his family WITH DISTINCTION in Actuarial Science 👏 👏 👏. 

Dennis says:

“Words cannot begin to express how blessed I feel. Islamic Relief supported me beyond financial assistance, the mere fact that they provided a platform to offer moral support helped me cope with my stress and anxieties. I would constantly call them, and they always answered with a warm, welcoming response as if they already knew what I was going through mentally because of the course. I honestly appreciated that, and it meant a lot to me.”

Dennis also gives special mention to our very own brother Taariq Mathiba for his uplifting words and guidance.

“I could not have done this without him. I shall forever remain indebted to Islamic Relief for the kindness and support they have shown to me.”

We are humbled and truly blessed to be able to be such a big part in shaping and educating the youth of South Africa. We wish Dennis success in his future endeavours.

May the Almighty allow us to continue this work for His pleasure.

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