Corporate Social Responsibility

Islamic Relief launched a new innovative Corporate Social Responsibility Fund, which will give the business sector easy access to the NGO’s various developmental projects.

The NGO has been running a number of humanitarian support programmes locally i.e. Education, Health, HIV/Aids and Food Security, since it opened its first office in Johannesburg in 2003.

With our long-standing relationship with rights holders (beneficiaries) and the donor community, we are well placed to be a CSI implementation partner for business owners and corporate institutions,

– Country Director Yusuf Patel said.

Islamic Relief addresses the needs of the country in areas such as education, primary health care including HIV/ Aids, entrepreneurial development, child welfare and emergency relief. We also provide sustainable, social economic development solutions to communities, through microfinance projects; making our CSR initiative, ideal for businesses to support.

Not only can it help solve pending social issues, but it can also empower local individuals to be part of their own communities’ economic growth.