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August 27, 2020

Cook up a storm with Islamic Relief in aid of Lebanon & Syria.

A fundraising initiative you don’t want to miss. Teaming up with influencers such as RsR Creations and Areeb Ahmed, we urge you to join our online cooking demonstration on Zoom to raise funds for countries in conflict.

What’s on the menu?

RSR: Lebanese Cuisine | 19 September | 12pm

For more information email: [email protected]

Entrance:R200 per person

”I started working with  Islamic Relief about 2 years ago on a project. Ever since, I am always inspired by the way the team members are always so dedicated to their work it inspired me to participate too.  They are swift, transparent and dedicated to helping people. Lebanon needs our help now more than ever. Not only is there a large population of refugees in the country but humanity as a whole needs to support each other, and by helping refugees, orphans and widows we hope that Allah swt will be pleased with us too.”

Areeb Ahmed: Mediterranean Platter | 28 September | 3pm
For more information email: [email protected]
Entrance: R200 per person

“Syria is in the tenth year of a devastating war. A staggering 11.7 million people across Syria are in need of humanitarian aid, over half of this figure consists of women and children. The global COVID-19 pandemic is a further strain on the lives of the people living in an active conflict zone. Syria’s food situation continues to worsen and 82% of Syrian people live in poverty.  The people of Syria need our help.

Islamic Relief is one of the last international humanitarians working INSIDE of Syria as well as in the bordering refugee camps. The offices in Idlib is providing direct aid to people in need that could not escape the country and refugees are also receiving assistance since all of them have left all their possessions in order to find safety.”

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