Our over-consumption is producing gases, causing extreme weather, floods, drought and famine. What we, our communities, our governments do at home, is directly killing people around the world.

That’s why we’re standing up and speaking out. We’re calling upon the United Nations, the UK government and the Muslim community to take important steps to reduce our contribution to Climate Change.

Some of the great steps we’ve taken so far include:

  • Helping to initiate the first Islamic Declaration on Climate Change – adopted by the highest Muslim authority in 12 countries across four continents.
  • Becoming a founding member of the Muslim Climate Action network, a network of Islamic faith inspired NGOs working together to tackle climate change
  • Marching alongside thousands of people at the historic People’s Climate March calling for an international agreement to tackle climate change
  • Taking delegates to two international United Nations Climate Conferences in Paris and Marrakesh to help educate them and influence international negotiations.
  • Organising Eco-Iftars in local communities to raise awareness of the first hand effects of climate change such as drought in East Africa and floods in Bangladesh and to educate our supporters on how they can make a change

Through our programmes, we are supporting entire communities to become more resilient to the devastating effects of climate change. Through the development of disaster early warning systems, earthquake proof homes, cyclone resistant shelters, flood defences, crops that grow with minimal water and rainwater harvesting systems we’re enabling communities to become food secure and be prepared should disaster strike. We also work to collectively ‘insure’ communities during disasters, which allows them to replace their resources such as livestock quickly after a disaster strikes.

To get involved and take action now visit our campaign action page or email info@islamic-relief.org.za for more information.

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