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January 19, 2021

Children and young people face enormous challenges in Gaza. Poverty and trauma prevent some from going to school, whilst soaring youth employment leaves many young people unable to earn a reliable living. Islamic Relief is by their side, improving access to high-quality education and nurturing livelihoods.

“The first time I put my eye to a telescope, I didn’t want to close my eyes,” says 11-year old Lamar from Gaza, where schools are typically overcrowded and ill-equipped. “There is no telescope at our school but we went on a trip to the university laboratory and were able to do scientific experiments.”

Lamar is enrolled at Islamic Relief’s educational clubs that are unlocking the potential of schoolchildren in Gaza. The clubs use practical and entertaining teaching methods to help children find solutions to community issues.

“When I went to school the next day my teacher asked me to explain it to my classmates. I got full marks [in science]. I want to be a scientist… to discover a drug for cancer. This will make me happy because I will be able to treat many people all over the world.”

Islamic Relief is committed to raising the educational prospects of Palestinian children. Our work includes improving the learning environment in Gaza’s kindergartens and we have trained hundreds of teachers and principals. We are also supporting schools with access to better facilities including clean water, while our counseling services have helped tens of thousands of children cope with the challenges of growing up in Gaza.

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