We are inviting your business to participate in Islamic Relief South Africa’s “CHANGE 4 CHANGE” campaign, whereby your customers are given the opportunity to contribute to Islamic Relief projects by a nominal R5,00 to their bill when checking-out at the till point inside your store.


  • Islamic Relief South Africa will provide you with a unique barcode to be loaded on the back-end of your point-of-sale operating system.
  • This code is then either programmed directly into your pos till via a shortcut key or a barcode label is printed and kept at the till point.
  • Whenever a customer comes to the till point to check-out their purchases, the cashier will enquire whether they would like to offer their “CHANGE 4 CHANGE”.
  • If the customer agrees, the cashier presses the shortcut key or scans the barcode, thereby adding R5,00 to their total purchases. Every fortnight or period as agreed upon, you generate a report of how much “CHANGE” was donated for “CHANGE” during that period, and then do an EFT for the total amount into Islamic Relief’s designated banking account.


  • Islamic Relief South Africa will provide marketing and point of sale material to promote the “CHANGE 4 CHANGE” project in-store.
  • The Campaign will be supported by an extensive media (printed, radio, and television) campaign to create awareness amongst donors, and promote “CHANGE 4 CHANGE” at all participating businesses.
  • The names of all participating businesses will be listed on Islamic Relief’s website on a dedicated page created for the “CHANGE 4 CHANGE” project.
  • This project will also be advertised widely on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

In order to encourage participation, Islamic Relief South Africa will facilitate training for your staff at a convenient and agreed upon time.

We will also incentivise staff at participating businesses from time to encourage them to make customers aware of and support our “CHANGE 4 CHANGE” campaign.

Get Started

For more information or to register call us on 021 696 0145 or email info@islamic-relief.org.za

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