Join Islamic Relief volunteers from South Africa and around the world on this adventure across the beautiful green hills and rivers of Bosnia. This is perfect for those of you wanting to combine doing a challenge for a great cause with an unforgettable travel adventure with Muslims from around the world.

This trip will go through the beautiful hills of Bosnia, where Islamic Relief started 25 years ago. Cycling for 4 days, we will also be visiting Islamic Relief projects and historical sites in the region. We will also be visiting Srebrenica, on the anniversary of it’s occurence- the site of the massacre that started the war in Bosnia, which lead to the founding of Islamic Relief USA and our relief work across the Pacific Ocean.

We will help you coordinate all the details of the trip when you register. We will help you find flights, coordinate your arrival and pickup, meals, all the way down to dropping you off on your return. See itinerary below.

T&Cs Apply



Day 1 (July 10):

Arrival Day – There will be pick up from Sarajevo airport and a 30minute drive to hotel Bistrik in Sarajevo


Day 2 ( July 11):

The first day after arrivals will consist of a visit to Srebrenica to commemorate the loss of many lives during the Bosnian war between 1992-1995.

Hotel stay is Bistrik in Sarajevo


Day 3 (July 12):

This will be the first day of the cycle. After breakfast the team will drive to the Bjelašnica mountain and start their cycle towards the Lukomir village which will take three hours. The village is one of the most remote places in the country and is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This small charming village is seen to be ‘frozen in time’ the friendly local have kept traditions alive amongst the surrounding of beauteous hills and mountains. Once we have reached the village we will enjoy traditional Bosnian food and have a chance to socialise with the locals and have an insight into traditional Bosnian village life. After this, we will cycle for two hours to Šabići where we end the first day of our challenge and stay overnight. Hotel OŠ Zaim Kolar which is amongst the scenic mountains.


Day 4 (July 13):

After the night’s stay in Šabići the team will cycle uphill for 51 km to Boračko Jezero which is at an altitude of 390m. Boračko Jezero is a glacial elliptical lake. The water is at its warmest in August at 25 °C and coldest in February at 0 °C. Once we reach the emerald waters we will stay at the Boracko Jezero camp.


Day 5 (July 14):

On the fifth day of the challenge the day will start off with breakfast at Camp Borasnica. Then the journey of 53 km will start towards Mostar which is at an altitude of 60m and one of the most beautiful cycling routes.

The approximate time of arrival will be 19.00 where the team will rest, have dinner and check into the Student hotel.


Day 6 (July 15):

On the sixth day of the challenge there will be a city tour of Mostari, in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostari is famous for its Stari Most Bridge over the Neretva River. There are nearby alleys are full of shops and market stalls, and the Old Bridge Museum explores the bridge’s long history. A narrow staircase leads up to the Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque’s minaret showcasing panoramic city views. The name of Mostar goes back to 1474, taking its name from the bridge-keepers (Mostari); this refers to the existence of a wooden bridge from the market on the left bank of the river which was used by traders, soldiers and travellers. It was also the seat of the district with a regional judge (Kadiluk). Mostari also suffered a huge loss during the Bosnian war.


There will then be a 12.2 km cycle to Blagaj. It contains the largest Karst spring in Europe- Buna. Your journey will also take you across a famous Sufi stream, the prehistoric Green cave, a 15th century castle and a fish farm.


After lunch there will be a 23.6 km bike to Počitelj. Počitelj is known for its Ottoman architecture amongst its Emerald waters. It is to the south of Mostar. Records go back to King Alfonso V of Argon 1444 and Fredrick III the Roman Emperor in 1448. Return to Sarajevo by coach and stay at the hotel Bistrik


Day 7 ( July 16):

Field visit in Sarajevo to be confirmed (Field visit is optional for participants they can return home on this day if they want to)

Hotel Bistrik Sarajevo.


Day 8 (July 17):


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