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ISLAMIC RELIEF SOUTH AFRICA* presents a 1st time seminar on the life and example of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) presented by international scholar Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi
The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is an inspirational role model for anyone who wants to be extraordinary. You will learn how Muhammad (PBUH) shaped his personality as a child, dealt with the universal challenges of adolescence while a teenager, and then emerged as a leader in his community as a young adult.
Dr. Al-Awadi is a specialist on the Seerah, and this seminar will offer a unique perspective on the life of Muhammad (PBUH) – giving you insight into how he addressed many of the challenges of daily life, inspiring you to excel in confronting these challenges yourself.
Topics that will be covered:
1. How did the Prophet (PBUH) deal with newborns?
2. How did the Prophet (PBUH) deal with Children?
3. How did the Prophet (PBUH) deal with teenagers?
4. Muhammad (PBUH) in his 20s and 30s
5. How did the Prophet (PBUH) deal with his wives and women in general.
6. How did the Prophet (PBUH) deal with sinners?
7. The Prophet (PBUH) and his mercy to non-Believers
– Date: Saturday 25 August 2018
– Venue: CTICC
– Time: 09:30am to 17:00pm
– Cost  R120
Tickets available via Quicket: R125 (including R5 services fee)

Life Mantra: Reflecting on the experiences of great Muslim personalities to inspire young Muslims create a better future.

Dr Hesham Al-Awadi is a Professor of History at the American University of Kuwait. He was born in Kuwait and educated in the United Kingdom.

He completed my BA, MA, MPhil and PhD in the fields History, Politics, International Relations and Communication in various British universities including the University of Cambridge and Exeter.

Dr Hesham taught history for graduates and undergraduates at George Washington University in the States, and at Exeter University in the UK.

His awards include:

Innovative Lecturer Award(2013) UK
Faculty Mentorship Award(2012) UK

He has written several books and produced audio albums including: Children around the Prophet: How Muhammad Raised the Young Companions (2005), Women Inspired by the Beloved (2007) and The Four Great Imams (2004).

Recent course/book – Muhammad: How He Can Make You Extraordinary


“I have heard Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi speak about Prophet Muhammad and have read his works on them. What I appreciate greatly is his approach to the Life of the Prophet from a very modern practical perspective. His book Muhammad: How He Can Make You Extraordinary is an excellent example of his approach. Indeed the life of the Prophet Muhammad is a potential source of inspiration for anyone – Muslim or not. And this book is a good way to prove that point. “

– Mirza Baig, author of Leadership Lessons from the Life o

f Rasoolullah: Proven techniques of how to succeed in today’s world

“I have read quite few biographies of Prophet Muhammad, but this one is truly unique with a lot of practical guidance/action-statements. This is definitely not your ‘traditional’ biography where Prophet-hood is the focal point of Prophet Muhammad’s life but rather portraying him as a human(-first) who had exceptional manners and skills, from which each and every one of us can learn and implement those lessons in our lives.”

-Shahnoza Holboeva

Children Around the Prophet is out now, alhamdulilah 1. Muhammad and the Children 2. Developing Emotions 3. Building Faith 4. Worship 5. Developing the Morals 6. Disciplining Sexual Desires 7. Developing a Social Character it. Share it. 🙏💐#islamicparenting #seerah

Posted by Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi on Saturday, 12 May 2018