Throughout our lives, each and every one of us makes sacrifices to help our friends, family and neighbours. By sacrificing what we have to help those in need, we offer crucial solidarity and hope.

Right now, a staggering 1 in 9 people worldwide are battling chronic hunger. However, there is hope: by giving Qurbani, you can feed a family in need this Eid.

The first ten days of Dhul Hijjah are the most sacred days of the year, loved by Allah (SWT). By giving to Islamic Relief, you can reap the rewards of this blessed month. As Allah tells us in the Holy Qur’an:

“So turn in prayer towards your Lord and sacrifice.” (108:2)


Make a sacrifice - Give Qurbani

Bangladesh (per cow share) R1,440

West Africa (per cow share) R785

Gaza (per cow share) R5,600

East Africa (per sheep/cow share) R1,250

Syria (per sheep) R3,500

Yemen (per goat/sheep/oxen share) R2,550

South Africa (per sheep/cow share) R2,300

Zimbabwe (per goat) R895

Total: R0.00

Over three million people

Last year alone, your donations enabled us to provide Qurbani to 3,091,991 vulnerable people across the globe in countries such as Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Syria, as well as impoverished communities right here in the South Africa. Alhamdulillah, your Qurbani provided a critical source of protein to vulnerable families and individuals across the globe.

Here at Islamic Relief, we ensure that only the best quality meat is used – all sacrificed according to Prophetic tradition. We don’t compromise on quality and we deal with local suppliers to help local economies flourish.

So as we remember the struggle and dedication of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice for the sake of Allah, make your sacrifice with Islamic Relief and support a family in need.

Make this YOUR sacrifice, give Qurbani with Islamic Relief.

So as we remember the struggle and dedication of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) during this holy period, what better way to reach out to our community and help our brothers and sisters in need?

Qurbani in South Africa

As well as giving Qurbani around the world, you can give to those in need right here in South Africa. Your sacrifice will help to ensure that families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet are not forgotten.

Your South African Qurbani will be distributed through a network of organisations, homeless people, homeless shelters and refugees.


Download our Qurbani Guide to find out how we select the best animals for your Qurbani:

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