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Alternatively, you may wish to make a single payment for the whole year:

Single payment of R6000.00 per annum
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Single payment of R8400.00 per annum

Orphan Sponsorship

Orphans are the most vulnerable in any society. After having lost one or both parents, these children are at risk of a life of poverty and sickness. In situations of conflict or natural disaster, the lack of access to basic necessities such as food, water and shelter results in displacement and a struggle to survive.

Our global efforts help sponsor over 70,000 orphans around the world, transforming their lives with opportunities and aid. Islamic Relief’s Orphan Sponsorship Programme is one of the best in its field and targets numerous countries in need. This is simply because Islamic Relief believes in protecting and fulfilling the rights of children.

Our orphan sponsorship program allows for you to provide for the needs and wellbeing of an orphan, through a one-to-one model of ongoing holistic support.

By supporting an orphan, you will be providing essential care and security a child needs to develop and flourish. Your support provides them with the financial means to achieve their goals and attain a better future.

Your support means the world and you’re giving them a chance at a better life.

Once you sign up online, you will be paired with an orphan after three consecutive months payment has been received. For only R500, R600, or R700 a month, you will be providing an orphan with the basic necessities and emotional support that he or she requires. You will receive details about the child you are sponsoring as well as a photograph and an annual progress report outlining how your contribution is impacting the child’s life.

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