Islamic  Relief South Africa (IRSA) is a member of Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), a UK based international relief and development charity, which aims to alleviate the suffering of the world’s poorest people .


Position Identification

Position Title:  Programmes Support Officer

Organisation:  Islamic Relief South Africa

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Reports to:  HOD – Programmes


Islamic Relief 

Islamic Relief South Africa (IRSA) is an independently registered NGO affiliated to Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), the world’s largest, independent Muslim humanitarian organisation. Islamic Relief’s mission is to help the poor and those in need regardless of race, colour, political affiliation, gender or belief to live sustainable, self-reliant lives within safe and caring communities.


Purpose of department

The Programmes Support Officer facilitates the seamless operation of the Programs Department by managing purchase/payment requests, budget monitoring, and financial tracking. It ensures accurate documentation, supports information management, and aids in creating engaging publications. This role is vital in maintaining efficiency, adhering to policies, and enhancing project delivery.


Duties and Responsibilities

Assist with Purchase/Payment Request cycle of Programmes Department

  • Ensure forms and templates in line with guidelines and policy requirements and standards are verified, filed, and completed.
  • Assist in updating Programmes Coordinators’ files in soft and hard copy in line with Programmes and projects standard.
  • Provide assistance to Programme Coordinators, Programmes officers and Project managers in the preparation of documentation for all stages of Purchase/Payment requests.
  • Receiving and responding to routine queries on the Purchase/Payment Request requirements.
  • Ensure that administrative requirements for programme portfolio are handled in accordance with IRSA established policies and procedures.

Programmes budget monitoring

  • Monitor and record all requests, expenditures and Proof of Payments, ensuring timely, effective and accurate record keeping.
  • Monitor budgets for expenditure controls and assure compliance with grant requirements and restrictions.
  • Assist the HoP to prepare and deliver various trackers and Actual vs Budget updates for every individual project on a regular basis.

Document and information management relating to IRSA Programmes Department

  • Collating information and drafting responses to external requests for information.
  • Providing support to Programmes team in preparing information for briefing requests.
  • Maintain and continuously improve Programmes financial systems, including projects financial plans, and maintain electronic filing systems on IRSA server.
  • Conduct an activity file audit of programmes portfolio to ensure documentation is in line with Creative policies and procedures.
  • Liaise with Programmes Coordinators, and support departments to handle requests and queries from Head of Department.

Financial Tracker Management

  • Develop and manage monthly financial trackers to monitor income, expenses, and budget allocations.
  • Collaborate with relevant departments to gather financial data and ensure its accuracy.
  • Use advanced spreadsheet tools to create dynamic trackers that provide real-time insights into financial performance.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

  • Present comprehensive financial analysis reports to HoP, providing actionable recommendations.
  • Create clear and visually engaging diagrams, charts, and graphs to illustrate financial trends, patterns, and comparisons.
  • Assist in preparing financial information for audits and regulatory submissions.

Programmes Publications & Ubuntu Newsletter

  • Work with the Head of Programmes to review activities reports.
  • Assist in reading content and correct spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
  • Rewrite text to make it easier for readers to understand.
  • Verify facts cited in material for publication.

Qualifications and skills

  • A Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification.
  • Proven experience in financial analysis, reporting, and data visualization.
  • Excellent communication skills for presenting complex financial information clearly.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
  • Strong analytical mindset and attention to detail.


Key Islamic Relief Qualities Required

  • It is essential that the post holder shows a good understanding and sympathy with Islamic values and principles as well as commitment to IR’s vision and mission as per below:
  • Excellence (Ihsan): Our actions in tackling poverty are marked by excellence in our operations and conduct which are deserving of the people we serve.
  • Sincerity (Ikhlas): In responding to poverty and suffering our efforts are driven by sincerity to God and the need to fulfil our obligations to humanity
  • Social Justice (Adl): Our work is founded on enabling people and institutions to fulfil the rights of the poor and vulnerable. We work to empower the dispossessed towards realising their God-given human potential and developing their capabilities and resources.
  • Compassion (Rahma): We believe the protection and well-being of every life is of paramount importance and we shall join with other humanitarian actors to act as one in responding to suffering brought on by disasters, poverty and injustice.
  • Custodianship (Amana): We uphold our duty of custodianship over the earth, its resources and the trust people place in us as humanitarian and development practitioners to be transparent and accountable.


Closing date: COB 31 October 2023

Please forward your CV along with a certified copy of your ID to [email protected]

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