Constant hostilities in south-west Syria since 17th June have led to the displacement of an estimated 271,800 individuals. Approximately 60,000 displaced to areas in close proximity to the Nasib/Jaber border crossing with Jordan and some 164,000 people have moved towards camps and villages in Quneitra, close to the Golan Heights area.

The border between Jordan and Syria remains closed since 2014. However, The UNHCR urged Jordan on Tuesday to open its border to Syrians trying to escape an escalating conflict in the southwest region of Deraa

UN agency is engaged in the response and provided humanitarian assistance to displaced individuals at the Jaber/Nasib border area in Jordan. The 37-truck convoy carried sufficient water and NFI stocks to cover the needs of an estimated 35,000 people. However cross border activities are currently on hold due to the ongoing conflict

There are reports of indiscriminate attacks that have hit civilian infrastructure causing widespread damage, including airstrikes on at least eight medical facilities and schools. Most health and educational facilities in southern Syria have now been forced to close due to these widespread airstrikes, including barrel bombs, and hostilities on the ground.

Islamic Relief’s Response

In Jordan

As international NGO’s are not allowed implement directly, Islamic Relief Jordan has been in discussions with UNHCR to explore how Islamic Relief can partner with them in the provision of essential humanitarian assistance such as health care assistance, food, shelter items and non-food items.

The UNHCR and Ministry of Health raised with Islamic Relief Jordan the issue of wounded people who have been evacuated from the war zone to Jordanian hospitals in Ramtha and Irbid. Currently, there are 60 cases with different injuries and wounds and they need support to pay the hospital fees of operations, medical supplies and drugs. Islamic Relief Jordan has been requested by UNHCR to intervene as they don’t have the capacity to cover all cases.

Islamic Relief Jordan is also working on an Intervention strategy exploring all the various scenarios that may occur and Islamic Relief could respond to such scenarios.

In Syria

Islamic Relief Syria currently has two local partners in the area already delivering emergency aid to the affected population with the main geographical focus on Western Dera’a countryside and Qunaitera.

We would like to initiate an emergency response in these locations reaching around 47,000 beneficiaries with food, non-food items, hygiene kit, and jerry cans in addition to the provision of water for 60 days and also the provision of health services through the local health facilities. Please donate generously, your assistance could save lives.

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