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December 23, 2019

Urgent appeal: The international community must act now to protect the people of Syria.

After the recent destructive bombings in Idlib and attacks on Syria, 125 000 people have been forced to abandon their homes over the past few days, and hundreds have been killed. One third of this figure is children. Those that managed to escape this brutality, will join the 60 000 people who recently fled the ongoing destruction.

The daily bombardment is killing, injuring many lives, and ruining several hospitals. This leaves many without the urgent medical attention they require. The injured are being taken to a nearby hospital supported by Islamic Relief.  However the lack of medical supplies is having a limiting impact on the injured.

This province is home to three million people, including one million children. Children are living in a constant fear and facing danger on a daily basis.

The United Nations has called for urgent support, including food, medical and winter supplies. Islamic Relief is supporting families who have been affected by the conflict in Syria with assistance including health, food, education, water and sanitation and skills to earn a living.

The Syrians escaping this harsh reality end up fleeing to their neighouring  refugee  camps.  The brutal cold winds, rain, and overcrowded camps increases their chances of sickness and adds to their misery.

Over the past year, we have helped over two million people inside Syria, as well as people affected by the crisis in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.

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