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can provide a family with food for a month
can provide an essential hygiene kit to four families living in conflict
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This year, we strived as one body to bring ease to those in need. Together, we made a difference through interventions that dramatically improved the quality and accessibility of food, water and sanitation hygiene, healthcare, education, livelihood, and social services to communities at risk in South Africa and abroad.

We are encouraged to take a moment, contemplate, and reflect on the year 2022, the highs and lows, and where we can improve to better benefit ourselves and those around us. We pray for continuous acceptance and that the year ahead is filled with goodness, blessings, and opportunities to serve humanity.

We would have never been able to do this without the grace and mercy of Allah (SWT).

Thank you to our phenomenal donors, partners, staff, supporters, and volunteers. We are grateful for every donation, a kind word, every good thought, and every prayer that has touched a life and given hope for a better future. Your continuous commitment enables us to reach the most vulnerable people and communities in South Africa and across the world.

May Allah (SWT) always keep us in the service of humanity.

2022, a year filled with challenges

The ongoing conflicts and crises across the world have forcefully influenced the spike in energy prices, food prices, and other essential needs, which in turn increased inflation, led to economic stagnation, and exacerbated every struggle and challenge. The economic implications have had real-life impacts on livelihoods and people’s ability to support their families.

In Pakistan, more than 33 million people, one-third of the country, were devastated by severe floods. The monsoon rains washed away and destroyed towns and villages, leaving vital infrastructures such as homes, roads, bridges, schools, and medical facilities in ruins. 4.4 million acres of harvested land are underwater. Millions lost their homes; some lost their livelihoods, some lost their families, and some lost everything. Nine million people require urgent humanitarian assistance, including seven million displaced by the floods. This natural disaster will take Pakistan decades to recover.

In East Africa, 20 million people are facing severe food shortages. Four failed rainy seasons in the region destroyed crops and livelihoods, leaving millions of families unsure of where their next meal will come from. The terrain is harsh, and the impact of not having water has forced people to flee the safety of their homes in search of food. It is estimated that a person dies from hunger every 48 seconds in East Africa.

The ongoing conflict, continuous natural disasters, and increased famine-like conditions continue to impact millions of livelihoods in Afghanistan and Yemen. Men, women, and children of all ages are on the brink of starvation and almost entirely forgotten by the world.

Gaza is still under siege, and their oppression continues. The conflict in Syria continues to rage on. Millions of people from both these countries are forcefully displaced, with no sign of ever being able to return home.

The local and international challenges have placed families and communities in vulnerable circumstances, needing urgent assistance for their survival. We are responding, and we have been responding since 1984. We will continue to serve those less fortunate and facilitate solutions to contemporary challenges faced in South Africa and abroad.

 Our teams are on the ground providing life-saving aid.

Islamic Relief has continued to help people in need. Throughout the year, we were able to help more than 13 million people in 34 countries, carrying out more than 770 significant projects.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, over 85,000 orphans were sponsored and supported in 26 different countries. At least 1.6 million people were provided with Ramadan food packs, and more than 4 million people received nutritious meals from your Qurbani donations.

Over 1.3 million people received water and sanitation hygiene, and nearly 3.6 million others received livelihood support worldwide.

The distances we need to travel have increased. The logistics for delivering aid have become more complex. Humanitarian needs have required more urgent responses this year. Yet, we are still responding and will continue to respond to the needs of those in need.

Since 1984, Islamic Relief has been able to help and support people in need, reacting rapidly to emergencies and providing humanitarian assistance.

Thanks to all our donors, you have changed and saved lives.



The intervention is based on real needs expressed by the Ministry of Education (every year they request support to the school children who live in the selected areas) as well as the previous experiences of IRT in similar projects.  IRT will procure the winter pack and ensure its distribution alongside the Ministry of Education and its regional directorates.

Islamic Relief Malawi has distributed 6240 Ramadan Food Packs containing essential items to vulnerable and poverty stricken households which were also affected by Cyclone Ana in Malawi. 

Qurbani meat pack distribution is taking place in Kreefgat, Bonteheuwel, Cape Town. A total of 400 meat packs were distributed to families of the area. The total number targeted for Qurbani implemented by Islamic Relief South Africa is about 7500 meat packs.

Mali Water Project funded by the International WAQF Fund aimed to improve the drinking water coverage for the villages of Ngolobougou, Koulounikoro and Sirakoro-Dounfing. This project met the crucial drinking water needs of 6,005 people, including 3,063 women, through the setup of a 10m3 water tower onto a borehole with solar pumping system and the installation of four water collection points in each village to serve 2,000 people, with 500 people per collection point equipped with 2 taps, which is satisfying 100% of the populations of the 3 villages.

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