Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital

Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital

The Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital – Specialist paediatric care in South Africa and beyond

The Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital is Mr Mandela’s lasting wish for the children of Africa, and his legacy for future generations. Set to open in 2016, the 200-bed specialist hospital will be located in Johannesburg, South Africa, as a centre of excellence in numerous paediatric specialisms – including oncology.

The Nelson Mandela children’s hospital will set the bar for modern, child-centred healthcare and primary health care facilities in Africa. It will serve children in South Africa and from across the continent. No child will be turned away because they cannot pay.

As a hub for the region as a whole, this primary health care facility will build human capacity through training and research. It will fundamentally shift the way Africa views its children.

Cutting-edge oncology unit

Islamic Relief is a major donor for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital ’s oncology unit, which will provide intensive paediatric care and specialist care. The unit will feature:

  • Bone marrow transplant facilities and laboratory
  • Surgery and theatres for tumour surgery
  • Intensive care and high care beds
  • Dedicated pharmacy
  • Radiology facility.

It will substantially strengthen paediatric oncology services throughout South Africa – making sure more children receive the specialist treatment and care that they need. Offering treatment to children across Africa, the hospital will also develop clinical excellence through training for clinical staff and health professionals, as well as research programmes.

As a donor, Islamic Relief needs to raise $10 million USD to support the construction of the unit.

Together, we can fight childhood cancer in Africa. Join the fight today.

Nelson Mandela children's hospital

Primary Health Care

Nearly 450 million children live in Africa. Yet, in the entire continent, there are only four specialist children’s hospitals – compared to about 20 in the UK.

Childhood cancer is on the rise in Southern Africa. According to recent figures from the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation:

  • One in 600 children in South Africa is affected by cancer before the age of 16
  • More than 40 per cent of South African children with cancer never reach a specialist treatment centre
  • In South Africa, the survival rate for childhood cancer is 50 per cent, compared with 80 per cent in places like the UK.

In addition, Sub Saharan Africa suffers from widespread poverty. It has the highest rate of child mortality on the planet: one in nine African children die before the age of five.

The state-of-the-art Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital will help change these stark statistics. Providing cutting-edge paediatric services, its oncology unit will deliver specialist care for children with cancer in South Africa and across the continent.

Together, we can fight childhood cancer in Africa. Join the fight today.

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